Facebook -  How to add 'BOOK NOW' to your restaurant page

1) Log on to the restaurant Facebook page as the Restaurant Administrator;
  • Go to the 'Page' Tab:
  • Then - Place your mouse on big blue button that appears to the right under your cover page image to edit/change the blue button.
  • It may not say 'Book Now' it could say 'Call us' or 'Send Message' or other.
    (highlighted below) 

    2) Click and select the 'Book with you' button

    3) Select the option 'Book Now'

    4) It's best to drive customers to your website as the more people who visit your site, the easier it becomes to find and higher it ranks in the google search results. Because of this,  next you want to select 'Link to

5) Then go to your website and find the URL for the specific page on your site that has your booking form on it. You don't want to dump customers who have the intent to book on to your home page as it can put them off. 

6) Save the changes by clicking 'Finish' and then you are done

Now give the button a test to see the changes.