Using your Eveve App
(for tablets & mobile phones)

Installing the Eveve App
You can use the Eveve app on any tablet or mobile phone

  1. Set up your user name and password.  
You can have as many users as you like. Give us a ring or follow the instructions below:
    1. In your TMS (on your desktop)  select “menu” in the top menu bar
    2. Select “users” from the drop down list
    3. In the User window add the name, access, & email address of the user.
    4. Right click on the email address of the account & select  “select App password”
    5. Set & confirm the password
NOTE: Passwords must be 7 digits long- please include one capital and one number
    1. Click “save” out of the “set password” & “users” window

  1. Click on (or copy to a web browser) the following link:
    1. Add to your home screen on your phone or tablet so it’s easy to find in the future.
  2. Log in.
         The app will save your password so you will only have to log in once. If you have multiple systems that you’d like to view, make sure that you use the same email address and password on all systems, this will give you a drop down menu allowing you to access all your TMSs with one log in.

  1. Pick a service (TMS)
           You can toggle between your available services by holding your cursor/finger down on the line UNDER the date at the top.


The first log in screen takes you to the “Party List” a list of today’s bookings, time, pax, name, phone # + table. The coloured statuses will match your TMS.
  • Underneath the date you can toggle through your different sessions: breakfast, lunch, dinner, all day.
    • Hold down on this same text to change restaurants (only applies if you have access to more than one restaurant using the same email address and password)
  • Click on a booking to: Edit, Set Status, or Delete.
  • Use the blue arrows on either side of the date to scroll forward and backward through the dates.
  • Clicking on the date will bring you to the calendar (see next section)
  • “T” in the upper right corner will bring you to the table plan.
  • “B” in the upper left corner will bring you to a new booking form.

Click on the date at the top and it will take you to the planning calendar where you can:
  • see the amount of diners per session that have a booking
  • see system blocks (red highlight)
  • View 13 weeks at a time

In the Calendar view, click on a date to:
  • View bookings (the “party list”) for the entire day

In the Calendar view, click and hold on a date to:
  • Book a session
  • block/unblock a session
  • Set a rota (you can only assign a rota that’s already been created)

Use the buttons at the top to view Calendar, make a Booking, or view your Party List (bookings per day).

Currently in Beta. A new and improved version will be available by the end of January.