Eveve was built as a Windows-based system, but never fear, there is software that enables Windows programmes to run on Macintosh. Most of the installation instructions are the same as per usual; we just need to download another piece so that your E.Diary can talk to your computer. 

Installing WineBottler

Note: Please use Safari, not chrome or firefox. 
Installing WineBottler
We use WineBottler which can be used to run many windows based programmes. It is free and can be downloaded from - http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/

1. Select the 2.0  Development version (this is the better of the two options)


2. Next you will see a prompt to confirm the download. Click 'download'


3. You will be taken to a pop up ad. Just wait for a few seconds and then click the 'skip ad' button once it appears:


4. You will be directed to the download screen. The download should happen automatically. If it doesn't, you can manually download by clicking the highlighted link. DO NOT  click the big green “start now” button, this is an ad: 

Tip: Winebottler can take between 2-30min to download. It all depends on the speed of your internet. The file is 144MB. 

While we are waiting, let's install your TMS... 

Installing your Eveve TMS

1. Click on (or copy to a web browser) the following link: http://eveve.com/install.htm

2, Click on 'Eveve Installer' on the install page - The client file will download into your default folder.

3. Once WineBottler has finished downloading, you will need to find it.
Three ways to find the software:
     a. Downloads folder
     b. Search (hold  'command' and 'spacebar' to search “winebottler”)
     c. Downloads task bar (upper right of your web browser, this is also where you will see the download progress)

4. Open Winebottler and drag BOTH  the 'wine' and 'winebottler' images into your  'Application' folder (see the image below).  This is really important as if you only drag one, it will appear to work, but it your TMS won’t open.

5. Open your “Applications” folder.

6. Scroll to the bottom (usually listed alphabetically) and open up WineBottler (the box, not the glass of wine). It should take a few moments to finish the install.
It will open to the following screen.  Select  the 'Advanced' tab (from the top of the screen):  

7. 'select file' from the right side:

8.  Select  the E.diary file: “client.exe”  from the “downloads” folder & click “open”. 
9. Hit "install" (bottom right) 

10. Name your file as TMS for (restaurant name).
Save it in your downloads folder:
**If you save it to the Desktop directly it won't have the four coloured squares as your icon. You can easily drag from the Downloads folder onto the Desktop afterwards if you want the image.**
11. After you click 'install' your computer will start installing your E.Diary.
This will take a few minutes (2-5) depending on your internet speed.
A few different windows will pop up including a black screen with white writing and the following: 

12. In  few minutes,  a green window with a “register with eveve”window will pop up:
 TMS (this is your Table Management System)Service Name: from your install guide or call us to receive (case sensitive)Password: from your install guide or call us to receive (not case sensitive)
Click “Register”
***Tip - We recommend keeping your system log in details somewhere safe. They are unique to your restaurant booking system and never change. They will only be used in the case of a reinstall (upgrades) or when you install the TMS on a new machine. These logins are not used when opening your TMS to use during service.***

13. “select startifle” window  will pop up--- click “ok”:

14. “prefix created successfully” window will pop up--- click “OK”:

15. Your TMS is now set up and ready to use! Double click on the icon to open it.  Remember, if you saved it into the downloads folder, you should drag in onto your Desktop.

E.Diary not working or has disappeared? 
See our guide for installing onto a Windows computer or troubleshoot common issues.