The much awaited realise of version 9.2.8 is here! 

More details information can be found in the specific help guides, but this is a quick overview of new features. This list will grow as new functionality is tested and rolled out to your system. 

1) Calendar View

- You now are able to view table availability over the period of a month and book directly from the calendar view. The classic calendar is still available.

2) Arrival Limits

- Probably the most dramatic change. You now have more control than ever before when it comes to managing your bookings. You can set different limits for online v phone bookings and you also can set different rules based on time or party size. 

3) Tables

- The allocation order has now moved and is placed under Menu -> Tables -> Seating Priority. The system is more robust and has better prompts if there is an error etc. 

4) Table Plan Features

- The Timer button has had a bit of functionality added. It can now display name as well as time of arrival, be size adjusted, and the position of the timer can be changed for each table as to not block the plan.
- The Timer display is also coloured to match the booking status.
- Right clicking on a table in the plan view will allow you to either edit a booking, or edit the table properties.

5) Running Service in Plan View

- When a customer arrives, you can now drag them from the list onto their table (or any table if you wish to move them).
- Once a customer is seated, you can drag the booking to another table or spread over a few tables

6) Customer Management

- Finally you can delete and merge customers (use with caution)