Block Table Groups

With Table Groups, you can group certain tables that you would like to block either for everyday or specific days.

Learn how to block different tables, even if they are located in different areas. Table Groups are managed exclusively via your TMS Admin.

Pro tip:
Tables Groups is the best way to manage table spacing / table blocks in the new C-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System).  



Step One - Create Table Group
1. Go to Menu
2. Select Table Groups
3. Click into the next available cell to Create a Group 
4. Enter Group Name + Add tables you want to Block (Format: #,#,#. No spaces)
5. Save 

Step Two - Block Table Group 
1. Go to Menu
2. Select Booking Restrictions
3. Select your Table Group 
4. Add Day of Week, Date or Date Range
5. Add Time/s
6. Choose the Scope of your Restriction
7. All done!

Need To Remove a Table Group Block?

1. Go to Menu
2. Select Booking Restrictions
3. Right Click over the Table Group and Delete (you can also change the scope to 'None')
4. Save.
5. All done!

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