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Blocking Tables Via Table Groups

On TMS, there's a different way to block different tables even if they are located in different areas. With the feature called Table Groups, you can group certain tables that you would like to restrict either for everyday or specific days for online

Follow these steps to create and block table groups:
1. Go to Menu/Table Groups
2. On the following screen, add the name of the table group that you would like to create, i.e. VIP, and add the table(s) that you would like to add (separated with a comma). Then click on Save.


Note: Table combinations cannot be added.

3. To block your new Table Group, go to Menu/Booking Restrictions.
4. In Booking Restrictions, on the column Area/Group select the name of your Table Group. Add the day(s) or date(s) that you would like to block your Table Group. Add the time(s) and select the Scope (either for Online or for All bookings). Then click on Save.
Now your Table Group would be blocked for your day and time desired.