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How To Activate Or BLOCK - Automated Post Dining Emails i.e. TripAdvisor

1)  How to 'Activate' the automatic sending of 'Post Dining Emails' 
  • When you 'SEAT' a guest in your booking system either on the 'table plan' or on the 'grid' view - this tells the booking system the customer 'Arrived'.

  • The system will only send post dining emails to guests it knows 100% arrived - It will then send the 'Post Dining Email' around 2 am after the restaurant closes.

  • You must 'SEAT' the table in the booking system for it to know to send the post dining email to review the restaurant

Table Plan View & How to SEAT 
(1) Click SEATED 
(2) Click the Name of Booking
(3) The table will turn yellow, same colour as the seated tab                                                                                                
Grid View  & How to Seat
(1) Right-click on 'Booking' 
(2) Click Set Status 
(3) Select SEATED
  2)  How to BLOCK your restaurant's automated Post Dining Email from being sent i.e. TripAdvisor
This service enables the owner/manager to better manage social media reviews on the worlds largest review platform. Encouraging and delivering more reviews with better ratings;
Example - If for any reason you observe a table might not have had the ideal experience, or they complained. You can then 'BLOCK' the post dining email being sent to that specific table(s).
  • This 'Block' functionality is for restaurants sending automated post dining emails that request reviews and ratings; TripAdvisor; 

  • It's only possible to send a post dining email when the diner has been 'SEATED' in the booking system

  1. To BLOCK - Use the Grid View

  2. Right-click on the Booking 

  3. Change Status to 'Unconfirmed'

  4. This will BLOCK the email being sent. 

  5. When Should I Do This? - Post-service, You have until 1.30 am to BLOCK any emails being sent. ( To clarify - you can perform this task, after each service, it must be done before 1.30 am each night )