Team Viewer - How to install

This is a how to guide on installing TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a free piece of software that enables us to view your computer remotely to help with downloading the Eveve TMS software, training, and problem solving. We can not access your computer without your consent every time and you can close our session at will, so it is perfectly safe.

Let’s get started!
(MAC users, please ensure you have granted all permissions before our call, see #9)
1. To download, go to  TeamViewer’s website.
2. Click on the green “download for free” button.
3. The download will start automatically. If it doesn’t, click on the “direct download” button.
4. Find + open  the downloaded file (normally sits at the bottom left of your browser
5. In the setup window: 
-Under “How do you want to proceed” choose “basic installation”.
-Under “How do you want to use TeamViewer” choose “Personal/Non-commercial use”.
-Click “Accept-finish
6. Find the TeamViewer icon on your desktop. It’s blue & white.
7. Open it and wait for it to connect. It will take a few minutes. The red button will turn to green when it’s ready & your ID & password will autofill.
8.  You can now provide us with your ID & password which appears on the screen.  For your security, your password will change every time you close the program. 
9. For Mac computers, please follow these extra steps to grant us access. 
10. Please close all programs and restart your computer before your install or training session to decrease computer lag time.
11. Open Teamviewer and have your ID and Password ready for our call: 
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