Eveve TMS - Installing your E.Diary Mac Info

Information on downloading your TMS for Mac

Mac installs will need to be completed by an Eveve team member. Please call or email to schedule.

Any computer upgrades will require a reinstall on the software.
Mac installs are easiest when you let us TeamViewer in and do the install for you. 
To prep for your mac install, please do the following: 
1) Download TeamViewer. We have a handy guide here
We will need anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to do the install for you. We'll only require a few minutes of your time at the start of the install to ensure we have proper computer permissions. Once we have those, we'll let you go about your business and we'll give you a call back once installed. 
Also, please note that software updates can cause the system to no longer be recognised.
We recommend not having updates set to automatic so that you can control when that will happen. 
--Any computer upgrades will require a reinstall on the software.

--If you are using the Catalina operating system, you can also download the install file in advance: shorturl.at/eszH, but please don't run it.

Never hesitate to give us a call if you need further assistance: 09 928 6079