'No-Show' customers

How to update your System with 'No-Show' customers

What is a “No-Show”?

A "No-Show" is a customer who makes a reservation but does not turn up to their booking without notifying the restaurant.

Why should I mark a “No-Show”?

  • To make table(s) available for other customers
  • So you don’t get charged/invoiced for the customer booking (we have no way of knowing who doesn't turn up unless you tell us)
  • To keep track of the customer details/reliability 

How do I mark a “No-Show” and update a booking?

Whether you're working from the TMS Admin, TMS Web or TMS Mobile version, the process is the exactly the same. 
  1. Click on the Booking Name.
  2. Select 'No-Show' from the Status dropdown
  3. The system will prompt you to confirm the update. Click OK and the booking will be removed , from that day but it will stay in your database.

Need help?

Contact our support team on (09) 928 6079 or support@restauranthub.co.nz