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Waitlist & Texting The Diners When The Table Is Ready

Walkin Waitlist
  • Use 'Waitlist' to say "YES" to more diners and organise guests waiting for tables this service period;
  • With a Waitlist, you can see how long they've been waiting and with one click, text diners when their table is ready.
How To Use
1) Click 'WAITLIST' - on the navigation bar (circled in yellow);

2) A drop-down will appear - simply complete the fields: Covers / Est Wait Time / Name / Mobile. Finally click 'Add to Wait List' (circled in yellow); 

3) Guest will be added to the Waitlist - together with a timer, so you know exactly how long the wait;

4) When a guest's table is ready - use your mouse, RIGHT CLICK on the Waitlist guest name and select TXT or SEAT if they're already there.