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Functions under Menu Tab

All functions that are under the Menu Tab, and what they do.

1) Today’s bookings:

This will be a full list of bookings for the date that you select on the calendar.
This list will be loaded according to the Session selected. If you wish to view the whole day
1. Go to the Grid
2. Ensure Session All is selected on the control bar
3. And only then Hit Menu/Todays Bookings

1. At the bottom of the window there are tick-boxes related to what you would like to view or sort by.
2. You can also print this out each day and throughout the day if you would like to.
3. You can right click on a cancelled booking and select ‘restore’ to undo a cancellation.

2. Recent bookings

A list of ALL bookings put in the system (both in house and online) recently.
This helps you track down misplaced reservations and also keep track on how you future dates are building up.

3. Find a customer

Use this to Find an existing Customer profile or create a new one.
You can match a guests using full Last name or their phone number. You can also search by loyalty number if applicable.
To add a new Customer press New and a blank Customer details form will open.

4. Marketing

a. Analyse upcoming periods (4 weeks in this case)
 Use the main graph to identify highs/lows and how the same period compares to last year.
 You can also click on it and drag left/right to see how many diners/parties are booked in daily for the upcoming period and how that compares to last year.

b. Understand diner database
 If diner is repeat, Unique will remain the same, but ‘With email’ and ‘With consent’ will still change according yo what is selected.
 You can manually Tick/Untick ‘Ok to receive emails’ from Guest’s profile

c. Analyse diner database using Filters
To export your database:
 Chose filters if appropriate
 Select to export diner with Email Consent
 Click Match
 Click Export

5. Reporting

Quick Overview
a. Analyse how many diners & groups have dined and will visit your restaurant.
Reporting does not look at who the diners are or allow you to export lists of guests, instead you can analyse & export figures.
b. You can mix and match criteria to view in main graph. For example, instead of viewing Total Diners for the month of August, I could change it to total dinner cancellations for the month of August,  You can click on the graph and drag left/right to view daily figures.

6. Opening Hours

Hours Scheme is set by default and does not need to be changed.

Weekly Rotas- Specify General Rota for days of the week

 Rota Sessions – specify opening hours for a specific Rota

 Special Dates- Create and assign new rota that will override Weekly Rotas and enter dates that the restaurant is completely Closed. Such as 25/06/20 being Xmas Day. 

If on a special day such as Valentines Day you may be doing different hours, you can create a new rota for that day. 
1. Click on New Rota button

2. Enter a meaningful name (for example,
Valentines) and Save
3. Ensure you’re the rota you created (e.g.
Valentines) is selected in the Rota window
4. Right Click anywhere in the white background of
Rotas Sessions window
5. Click Add
6. Enter details and Save
So far you have created new opening hours, but you haven’t
specified when it is going to happen. To do that:
7. Right click in the white background of Special dates
window and click Add date
8. Enter the date in following format: 14/02/20
9. Select Rota
10. Hit Save

7. Restaurant areas

Restaurant Areas. These are normally pre-set at the time of TMS build and rarely
need editing.

8. Tables (list)

A full list of all tables and settings as well as combinations.


1. You can not add a new table from here, but you can add a new combination.
2. If table type is Normal, both Internet and phone reservations are accepted.
3. If table type is no Online, customer won’t be able to book table/combination online
4. You can edit Norma/Min/Max for tables or combinations to change the amount people table can hold

9. Table order

Set priority to all tables the restaurant will get filled up by number covers (table for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.).
It is the order in which parties would be seated in order to get the most out of your seating. In other words, just imagine the busiest scenario possible; Surely 2 people would be seated on a 2 rather than on a table, which can hold up to 6.

This is also a handy tool to ensure all the possible tables and combinations are in the system. For example, if you enter 5 covers and hit ‘Edit’ it will open a list of tables and combinations available for 5 people.


10. Table Groups

This allows for groupings of tables to be constructed, giving a more flexible grouping mechanism than just restaurant areas. A table group can have any name (but not the name of an existing restaurant area) and the list of tables constituting the group must be comma-separated.
For example, you might have Sunday buffet, therefore tables 1-5 had to be blocked off, because they are being used for the buffet.

You would in this case follow the sequence:
1. Menu/Table Groups
2. Fill out the name of group and enter table numbers, separated by comma and save
3. Go to Menu/Booking restrictions
4. Fill out the details of Block (Area: Brunch Tbls, Day: Sun, Time: 9am-3pm, Scope: All) and save

11. Users

Editing available only admin users.
Click in the next available row to add another user.
Right click to set password or delete.

TMS must be restarted for user changes to take effect.

12. Arrivals limits

Set maximum people arriving per slot and hours
You can specify how many people would Arrive (new bookings) per each slot and how many people per hour
In the image above:
1: From the hours of 6am-10pm Mon to Sun they have set 50 an hour limit and 30 at same time. 

1. A specific date takes prescedence over a range of date, day and range of dates, so if you place 28/06/2020 7pm-9pm and guests where set at 100 per hour and 50 at same time this will over write any other limits on that day.

13. Blocked Times Today

List of quick blocks applied for the date selected on calendar.
This could be applied using right click on grid or directly from here.
 To delete a block:
1. Go back to the Menu
2. Blocked times today
3. Right click in the row of the block (a button will appear)
4. Select delete

14. Booking Restrictions

This functions allows you to apply permanent & detailed blocks/restrictions
Restriction's can be applied:
 For the whole restaurant, an area or table group
 Specific Day or range of days of the week
 Specific Date or range of dates
 Specific times
 Large parties (internet reservations only)

 You must follow a specific syntax as below:
o Days of week: mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun or tue-thu
o Dates: 09/17/12-09/22/12 or 11/28/12
o Times: 6.30pm-8pm
 To delete a Booking Restriction : right click over the row and select ‘delete’